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From floor to ceiling, my garage like new

From floor to ceiling, my garage like new

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Garages have an unfortunate tendency to serve as storage space for various objects at the expense of their primary function: to shelter vehicles for the household. Their use being very varied - laundry, storage of garden tools, leisure accessories, workshop - it is necessary to optimize each square meter! What if you took advantage of the new school year to review the layout of your garage and give it a new lease of life? gives you the keys to a functional and perfectly organized garage, so that everyone can benefit from their own storage space.

Invest ... the ceiling!

Family Handyman The rails fixed to the ceiling, on which large storage boxes are slid (remember to label them beforehand!) Represents a great storage solution for small garages. Like a mini attic, there are leisure accessories and equipment that you do not have daily use.

Workshop space If your garage is large enough, set up a workshop area, in which you will gather all your DIY tools and accessories. Treat yourself by installing a workbench and storage cupboards, and invest in a few essential everyday tools (drill, sander, electric screwdriver, etc.). Your garage will have nothing to envy to those of professionals!

The bike carrier

Castorama The bicycle can prove to be very bulky due to its shape which prevents it from being easily stored. By freeing up floor space, the wall-mounted bike rack is therefore the essential accessory for a tidy and functional garage.

Optimized space

Mottez Designing a garage means taking into account the constraints linked to its environment (lack of light, ventilation, space, etc.). Two golden rules are to be observed: delimit the different spaces (car storage, DIY corner, garden tools, etc.) and install storage to store everything. Circulation will be facilitated and you will no longer waste precious time searching for your tools!

Gardening area

Maison Déco This garden space integrated into the garage is a good example of occupying walls and floor space. The storage units allow tools to be stored and serve as a work surface for repotting and treating plants. Several shelves and cupboards are fixed to the wall for optimized storage.

A wallet holder

Mr Bricolage This clever system of vertical picture rails makes it possible to fix shelves and hooks at the desired height. Even the most bulky objects naturally find their place and free up floor space.

Laundry area

Leroy Merlin What if you set up a space for processing laundry in your garage? Just free up the space needed for the washing machine and dryer, next to which you will fix shelves for storing detergent and cleaning products.

Garage storage cupboard small spaces

Castorama 3, 2, 1… put away! Love at first sight for these resin wardrobes by Castorama which offer ample storage space, all with style and discretion!

Before after

Castorama Storage lesson with this cleverly fitted garage: wall fixtures, shelves and numerous storage units, perfectly organized workshop space ... each square meter is optimized, and icing on the cake, the car even finds a place!