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I want a decorative dressing table in my bedroom

I want a decorative dressing table in my bedroom

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To take care of yourself before leaving for work or simply to take care of yourself, adopt a charming dressing table in your room without further delay. Old wooden, contemporary glass, there are for all styles of decoration and all desires. Discover 10 in pictures…


Why not play the originality card in the bedroom by daring a dressing table with an atypical look? With its silver feet and its cutout in the shape of a puzzle piece, the latter will make the difference.


To keep the warmth of the wood while adding a touch of contemporaneity in the bedroom, we put on this dressing table that looks like a small table. The mirror, in the same tones, is attached to the wall.

Very small

Do you have a very small bedroom? It does not matter, there are also mini models full of charm like this wooden dressing table which brings a lot of authenticity to the room.


For a 100% girly atmosphere in the bedroom, we dare the total pink look from the wall to the curtains, passing through the mirror and the fabric armchair. As for the dressing table, it is adorned with very romantic sugared pink.


Want to give the wooden dressing table found in the attic a little makeover? Paint the tray with small tiles in red and white. It wakes up!


In this chalet-style room, a dresser-dresser has been installed to optimize the space and keep a few storage drawers.

Art Deco

Wooden legs, mirrored coatings and colored stickers, this dressing table has all the ingredients to harmonize in an art deco interior. The plus: the round mirror which makes everything very elegant.


Love at first sight for this wooden dressing table made up of a small alcove to store your beauty products. The plus: once the mirror has been folded, it instantly turns into a practical desk.

Flea market style

To find a nice old wooden desk like this, you will have to get up early Sunday morning! But when you see the charm it brings to the room, it's worth it, right? More pics