My cage decoration

My cage decoration

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Bird cages have become coveted decorative items. The graceful appearance of their fine, light and delicate mesh was the reason for their success. And so much the better! Indeed, these shelters offer a poetic and elegant staging in the house. Demonstration.

Jewelry or photo holder cages

Maisons du Monde ### Here are two examples of very feminine cages diverted into jewelry holders and wall collage! Elegant, flat wire fencing on which you hang necklaces, bracelets and earrings, holiday photos, little words and postcards using small clips. When the useful is combined with the decor!

Stickers-style cages

Dezign ### One of the chic and inexpensive alternatives when you intend to adopt the trend of cages in decoration, is to choose stickers! Especially since the silhouette of the bird shelters is just as elegant as the object itself…

Hanging cages

La Redoute ### What if we suspended the cages from the ceiling to energize the space? Perched high up, we can only see them! But to create even more surprise, we place a plant, a candle or a fake bird inside ... A poetic idea to remember!

A very chic cage

Maisons du Monde ### Powdery, chic, feminine and flowery universe. This is in what kind of decor the voluminous silver cages find their place. Here, a few ribbons sublimate it to draw even more attention to this delicate and refined object.


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