A new look for the Maison du Bon Marché space

A new look for the Maison du Bon Marché space

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Le Bon Marché in Paris has completely redesigned its Maison space. Moving above the Grande Epicerie to get closer to the lifestyle center, the space open to the outside is designed to offer an apartment-style configuration and extends over two levels. Tableware, furniture, lighting, textiles, today the space is also a place for meetings, meetings, creations and inspirations.

A link designed as a loft

Punctuated by steel structures, the objects become the actors of the decor while being staged as if we were in a house.

Two brand spaces: Cassina and Vitra

Here, Vitra unveils its furniture but also its accessories to offer itself nicely to visitors. But be aware that other collections are offered exclusively with the Bon Marché Rive Gauche such as the lantern lamp by Roger Capron or accessories from Kvadrat / Raf Simons.

The consultation space

Vendors specializing in decoration are there to guide, recommend or direct you in your purchases.

The "Chaiserie"

New, the chairs have their own space! They are staged on shelves and in front of colored walls.


On the second floor, the Bedroom space is a succession of cocoons where different scenographies are presented. Everything is staged in a cozy atmosphere to project yourself as if you were at home.

The bedding

The bedding space is staged like a cozy nest with its milky hues. Here we take the time to choose the right mattress out of sight!


The new space dedicated to Tableware and Cooking brings together: the Office with all kinds of robots, the Daily Table with signs such as Turpault or Le Jacquard Français; the Creative Table with the latest fashion brands such as Driade or Iittala; and a Luxury and Cutlery area which are highlighted by black walls.

La Cornue workshop

A new La Cornue space has been created to host culinary workshops and tastings.

The Lighting Gallery

The space is organized according to the designers and not the styles of lamps. 50 different profiles are presented and in perpetual evolution, the place is brought to move according to the finds.


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