10 cult creations by Zaha Hadid

10 cult creations by Zaha Hadid

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Zaha Hadid was born in 1950 in Baghdad. After studying mathematics in Beirut, she left her native Iraq to study art in London. Its architecture consists in stretching shapes and spaces as well as deforming them. Fusion of the aesthetics of constructivism and organic forms of expressionism, we also find its characteristics in its objects.

All seated

Zaha Hadid This sofa with original shapes will not be discreet in your living room. The designer’s leg is once again very recognizable thanks to its curved and simplified lines that call for relaxation.


Zaha Hadid In partnership with the United Nude brand, Zaha Hadid designs these heeled shoes literally without heels. For a guaranteed futuristic effect! The weight of the metal shoe is unfortunately not specified.


Zaha Hadid This pretty chair aptly bears its playful name: Kuki. As folded outwards, this light creation makes you want to swing and have fun.

Running shoes

Zaha Hadid In partnership with Lacoste, the designer created this pair of shoes in 2008. Published in only 1000 copies, the story (of design) does not tell if they were all sold.

Liquid Glacial

Zaha Hadid This creation, closer to the work of art than to product design, shows us the solidification of water, like a stalactite inside. Superb work by the artist, between nature and technology.


Zaha Hadid This hallucinating tap is an everyday object. Handle on the right and water flow from the top, nothing more simple but you had to think about it.


Zaha Hadid This table, which looks like a flying saucer, lets us envisage many dinners with family or friends for great moments of conviviality. Your guests can only be amazed at this creation.


Zaha Hadid This red bookcase will integrate easily into a living room or a pop room. The different parts that make it up overlap each other. So everyone can model their own storage unit.


Zaha Hadid This vase seduces more by its minimalist design than by its name, and fortunately! The four soliflores can be assembled or used independently.


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