Put away the ironing board: our tips

Put away the ironing board: our tips

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Putting away the ironing board can quickly become a nightmare. Bulky and not very aesthetic, it is quite difficult to find a place for it unless you are ingenious. So to give you ideas, here are 10 ways to store your ironing board.

Against a door


Another good idea: hang your little ironing board behind your door. Then choose a door that you will not have to open and close too regularly.

Hanging on a coat rack

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For your standard size ironing board it is best to store it in a hidden place. The good idea: hang it on a coat rack attached to the inside of a closet door. You can obviously use this trick in all the rooms of your accommodation: laundry room, bathroom or garage for example.

In the kitchen


If you don't have space in your laundry room, think about the kitchen fronts which can be very practical for storage. You can then have a rod in order to hang your ironing board and the necessary accessories associated with it.

In a corner


Take advantage of the space available between your wall and your furniture by sliding your ironing board into it. Where to store as much as possible without spending a dime!

In a drawer


The ironing board has the advantage of folding up. Thanks to this, you can slide it into one of your sliding drawers. Warning ! It is necessary to choose a model suitable for the storage of the ironing board.

In the dressing room

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Also note that some dressing rooms have a place dedicated to the storage of the ironing board. If your wardrobe does not have one, you can always put the ironing board on a shelf.

In a closet

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Alternatively, you can also place it vertically against a wall of your closet or in a narrow compartment of your closet.

On a wall


This may be obvious to some, but you can also fix it to the wall with a simple hook. And, preferably in a space that would otherwise be unused.

A pretty cover


Finally, if despite all these tips you still haven't found a place to store your ironing board or if you want to hide its unattractive appearance, you can always shop for a pretty cover to elegantly dress your ironing board. Who knows, it may turn into a decorative accessory!


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