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I want two-tone cuisine!

I want two-tone cuisine!

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Why settle for just one color in the kitchen when you can have fun with two colors? Indeed, the kitchens are no longer monochrome, which makes the room much more playful. The associations of colors are multiple and we invite you to discover some of them in pictures.

Purple and white

Cuisinella ### For a style that is both feminine and very contemporary, we put on white kitchen furniture combined with other violets. You can then choose to use purple for most of the furniture and then add two white worktops to lighten the whole.

Blue and white

Cuisinella ### For a very refreshing style, we turn to a pretty azure blue which we will associate with white. Then choose to color the tall elements so that the cupboards are placed in wall decoration in the manner of a monochrome. To respond to the blue of furniture, bet on a few accessories such as glasses.

Black and orange

Cuisinella ### For a design and original style, we keep black and gray as a base, to which we add a touch of orange which will energize the whole. To accentuate this effect, we bet on a strip that runs over the entire surface of the furniture like the first drawer for example.

Green and white

Ikea ### Finally, for a very pop atmosphere, we choose to add touches of apple green to a white lacquered kitchen. If you have a good height under the ceiling, color the tallest furniture green to visually lower the ceiling and add a touch of reminder to one side of the central island.