The teen bedroom is feminized in 5 keys

The teen bedroom is feminized in 5 keys

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Transform the little girl's room into a maid's room, here is the challenge that parents try to take up when their child becomes a teenager. The idea? Affirm the femininity of the piece in a few steps. Presentation.

A beauty corner

Castorama ### Oh mirror my beautiful mirror! Because adolescence is the age when you spend hours looking good and when you start to experiment with makeup and hairstyles, that is to say that a vanity unit is not too much ! Young girls will be able to have perfumes, jewelry and the first mascaras there.

Very stylish accessories

Paragraph ### Think again, even the smallest accessories set the tone. We therefore do not hesitate to swap butterfly wall hooks for pretty feminine silhouettes! In addition, by hanging necklaces and bracelets, we duplicate the desired effect.

A large dressing room

Ikéa ### While fashion and clothing take pride of place in the lives of young girls, it is in large closets that they need! A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe or a wardrobe along the room, all complemented by shoe storage or a dresser, here will do the trick.

Style right on the bed

Goal ### No more child bed linen, the next step is duvet covers with stripes, flowers or graphics provided the colors are like the bedroom: feminine.