What can you look for in a garage sale?

What can you look for in a garage sale?

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If the garage sales make excellent walks, you will also find multiple treasures to hunt for an original decoration. Here are some items that you can find at a good price.

Old dishes

Maisons du Monde ### To bring an old style to your dining room, consider finding old dishes. You will find very classic services and others with more vintage looks. Do not hesitate to buy a plate in several places for a personalized service.

Old and recent books

Maisons du Monde ### Flea markets are ideal for completing a collection of books! There are both exceptional works and inexpensive novels. If you find old books, you can display them in your interior!

Beautiful linen

Maisons du Monde ### Sometimes you will find old linens that will give a very classic style to your tables. You will find for example beautiful white tablecloths and napkins full of history.

Vintage decorative accessories

Maisons du Monde ### Finally, search for vintage decorative items! With a little attention, you will find old advertising items, boxes of candies or cookies that will be ideal for a retro cuisine.


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