An authentic decor thanks to my flooring

An authentic decor thanks to my flooring

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For you, the decoration must above all tell a certain heritage. Suddenly, the country style and its traditional decoration does not fail to seduce you. Know that with a well chosen floor covering, you will obtain an authentic decoration and character in a jiffy.

Natural tiles

Castorama For a country-style interior, also rely on natural materials. For example, you can opt for terracotta tiles that will give a traditional look to your interior.

Cement tiles

Castorama For more originality, know that cement tiles allow you to create a traditional and very decorative decor because they allow you to apply patterns on the floor. You can then create a carpet of tiles under the table for example.

Traditional tomettes

Fly For a truly traditional interior, use the floor tiles. These small hexagon-shaped tiles with a warm color will offer a look back to your interior decoration.

Aged parquet

Lapeyre To give cachet and an air of old to your interior, you can also bet on parquet in a patinated version. And the best is probably to opt for vinyl which will imitate time to perfection.

Stone look

Leroy Merlin For an interior that is both authentic and chic, you can also choose a tile that will look like stone. In the white version, the tiling can also imitate the irregularities of the stone to give a lot of character to the room.

Material effect

Leroy Merlin For a characterful floor, do not hesitate to offer yourself tiling with material effects like this model which imitates white stone and whose mineral aspect is very visible.


Leroy Merlin For authentic cuisine, it's on terracotta that you have to bet! This offers a different orange rendering for each tile for a warm and original floor that is perfectly suited to a country chic style.

Terracotta effect

Leroy Merlin For an authentic room, the terracotta effect is also very suitable and will offer a very warm atmosphere. You can opt for glazed porcelain stoneware with a mat finish which has an earthy color and an aged effect.

Clear earth

Leroy Merlin Note that if the terracotta is too dark for you, you can opt for a terracotta effect tiling which will allow you to obtain a lighter and coppery color than the usual orange color. You will get a slightly more contemporary style.