Oriental inspiration in the kitchen

Oriental inspiration in the kitchen

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The new kitchen challenge? Set off to conquer the Orient. The intention ? Extend the scenery to shake up our daily routine with spices! A migration due south which is felt both in the decorative accessories and in the plate ... Freeze frame.

Openwork metal and hammered metal

Ikea A nod to the flourishing craftsmanship of the traditional souks, we appropriate one, two or three containers in openwork metal and hammered metal. The oriental chic touch ideal for displaying fruits and vegetables!

Upholstered floor

Ikéa To perfect the decor, consider lining the floor with a Berber or boucherouite carpet. Even in a unique version and in a mini format, it will complete the change of scenery brilliantly. After all, it's all about succumbing to oriental decor diktats!

Thousand and one Night

Ikéa As far as lighting is concerned, we dive into the colorful souks, almost handmade suspensions, the idea being to plant a cozy and warm atmosphere in a thousand and one nights!

Glasses for tea

Ikea And welcome mint tea in all this? No, we haven't forgotten it. Besides, the new must-haves for your dresser are these authentic little glasses dotted with flowery patterns and a pretty oriental teapot. To serve you (and accompanied by traditional pastries)!

Couscous on the menu

Ikéa Faced with the decor built according to an oriental scheme, the scenery operates from the first glance in the kitchen. But spicy inspiration can also appeal to our other senses if we take care to awaken taste and smell! As such, what could be better than a typical dish to make our taste buds travel?

Tagine dish

Ikéa It is impossible to overlook a tagine dish if you want the kitchen to fly to the East. With it, the simmered recipes will be infinite and the mixing of strong flavors will take us far, very far.

Spicy walls

Ikéa After the pleasure of the palate, the pleasure of perfumes! By exposing a collection of spices on the wall, saffron, turmeric, paprika, cumin and others, easy to let yourself be carried away by smells from elsewhere ...

Orange Blossom

Ikéa Next to your spices, make sure you have a small bottle of orange blossom to flavor your sweet treats or simply flavor some summer fruits. Be careful however, the addiction to this delicious essence is easily caught ...

Sunny dishes

Ikéa Still in the kitchen, we think of refreshing our classic recipes of oriental inspirations, like these kebabs accompanied by highly spiced vegetables from the sun. Travel for an insured meal!


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