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Cutouts, holes and lacerations invite themselves at home

Cutouts, holes and lacerations invite themselves at home

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We used to hide its holes. We can now decide to show them. And it's done with our selection of items where the cut is highlighted. From oriental screens cut in wood to laser cut carpets, the decor cracks for the holes.

In the garden

Fly A pretty tealight holder with holes allows elegant lighting of dinners and aperitifs on summer evenings. We choose a small candle to prevent the flame from touching the edges and igniting the object.

The cup is full

Ikea Fruits tend to rot quickly when not in the refrigerator. We then choose a cut with holes, to let them breathe and thus keep them longer.

In the living room

Ikea Very discreet at the start, the TV cabinet has undergone many changes over the years. Today, flat screens and their design have improved the appearance of the living room. With this low piece of furniture with playful cutouts, television becomes the star of the living room.

Plants highlighted

Ikea Summer has arrived and you want to grow something in your interior? So we rush to her florist to buy some seeds and a flowerpot strewn with holes.

The pop chair

Ikea In a colorful and pop room, we can add an original touch thanks to a chair with a tubular design: its light structure and its vibrant color enliven the space.

The patterned rug

Ikea No longer possible to hide dust under the carpet thanks to new technologies: laser cut, the holes become patterns, bringing a very original touch to the carpet!

Disco pendant lights

Maison du monde Inspired by disco balls of facets, these pendant lights are delicately pierced with thousands of holes, and allow the light to be diffused in a subdued manner.

Practical screen

Maison du monde Straight from elsewhere, the oriental-inspired screen becomes a decorative element in its own right. It can also be used to delimit spaces, without having to mount a wall.

In the garden

Alinea Outside you can also play the card of the cut, as with these chairs whose back is perforated. We choose them stackable and plastic for more ease of use.