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Ideas to stitch to decorate my gardening space

Ideas to stitch to decorate my gardening space

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If gardening is your favorite activity, here are some nice ideas for landscaping the space dedicated to your hobby. For the love of plants… and decoration!

Potted plants… on paintings

Maisons du Monde Mixing the true and the false ... with these potted plants staged on paintings, it is our love for nature and gardening that is put forward with originality!

An unexpected gardening corner

Ikea What if we turned a pretty chest of drawers into planting grounds for aromatics? With its open drawers, it reveals its treasures to impress guests and allows us to garden even without a garden!

Slate labels

Paragraph To find your way around your plantations, nothing like using labels for each of them. And with slate models, it's even better!

A clever bench

Ikéa You don't want your gardening boots, watering cans and shovels hanging around when they are not in use? Slide them under the seat of the outdoor seat! You will thus play the card of discretion and storage in all subtlety.

Integrated wall mount

Evoludic Want to garden, but no place to do it? Think of your walls! The proof in pictures with this very practical support where plants, watering cans, shovels and books will be gathered.

A "lesson in botany" sign

Maisons du Monde Next to the shelf serving as storage for watering cans, terracotta pots and seeds to plant, here is a panel proudly presenting a lesson in botany for the vegetable patch. Chic, trendy and very practical…

A spacious shelf

Ikéa To stand out, the ingredients and storage dedicated to gardening need only be housed on beautiful, spacious shelves. And your favorite activity becomes queen of the decor.

An accumulation of pots of all sizes

Ikea To transform terraces and balconies into a 100% plant-based haven of peace, don't be afraid to have a large collection of potted plants there! Perfect if you appreciate the profusion and exuberance in a decor.

A handling pallet

Evoludic If you are lucky enough to have or find a handling pallet downstairs, take it! It can be used as a tray for an improvised gardening table as a wall support for plants!


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