New Chimneys Brisach

New Chimneys Brisach

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For those who dream of warming up by the fire this winter while admiring the spectacle of flames around a pretty fireplace, it is time to spot the latest innovations in this area. Direction Brisach! The brand has updated classic fireplaces to give them a very modern look. Here are 5 flagship models.

Traditional footprint

Brisach ### For those nostalgic for traditional fireplaces, the Kubic ceramic chimney stove is made for you! Dressed in oxidized metal, it perfectly imitates the old fireplaces around which families settled during the cool winter evenings. But it is not finished. To accentuate the authentic spirit and to make life easier, you can also install a bench under the fireplace to have your collection of logs! Decorative and practical.

In the wall

Brisach ### The Graphe fireplace is one of the models that shave walls. The winning effect is twofold: more discreet and occupying less space, it has everything to seduce us! Here, the fireplace is beautifully highlighted thanks to the lighting and its central position on the wall which inevitably catches the eye towards the flamboyant dance of the fire.

A wood stove, the rising trend

Brisach ### It's trendy. Wood stoves are making their way into the world of ecological heating. Here is a very compact model well suited to small spaces.

So design

Brisach ### The key word for this fair? The aesthetics. But here, the clean lines of the furniture are not the only ones to reveal the taste for the design of its occupants. Armchairs, coffee table and sofa are turned towards the element that presides over the decor: the fireplace. In softened blue stone and wrapped in its decorative white metal frame, it sets the scene.