The bathroom becomes a haven of softness

The bathroom becomes a haven of softness

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Because the bathroom must truly be a haven of softness in order to welcome you for moments of relaxation, we put on a cocooning room, warm and quite intimate. Discover 15 bathrooms to inspire you.

Warm materials

Ikea A warm bathroom is mostly made up of reassuring materials. We then put on light wood combined with white to give a very soft Scandinavian spirit to the room. Choose wood that has an anti-humidity treatment or imitation wood.

Enveloping colors

Espace Aubade To create a cocooning atmosphere, you can choose fairly dark colors that will envelop you in the room. Bet on a contrast of black and white in the tiles and furniture to provide a warm space.

A bathroom in the bedroom

Leroy Merlin If you want your bathroom to be an extension of the other rooms in the house, you can choose to place your bathtub in the bedroom. You then need a large room to properly separate the spaces. Then, you just have to place the bathtub within your decoration.

Soft colors

Espace Aubade Remember to choose very soft colors such as beige, soft white ... These colors will allow you to introduce a lot of light into the room, while providing very pleasant warmth.

Organic and geometric shapes

Axor A few elements are enough to accentuate the zen and nature side of a bathroom. We have a relaxation area with a freestanding bath and pebble-shaped basins and we put on the essential candles, preferably scented, to transform the room into a private spa.

A boudoir-style bathroom

Burgbad For a bathroom imbued with softness we opt without hesitation for a boudoir atmosphere, inspired by old salons dedicated to the intimacy of female chats. To recreate this style you will favor the powdered ones by betting on a feminine color code and will bet on noble materials and precious fabrics.

Pastel colors personalize the decor

Delpha If for you the bathroom is above all a place of relaxation, synonymous with relaxation and well-being, then favor the pastel colors without any mood. From powder pink, beige and light blue to a few extravagant touches, it is entirely possible to vary the pleasures while maintaining a neutral and refined atmosphere.

Blue and its relaxing properties

1825 Collection The ultimate shade of zen, blue, the color of the sea and the sky, symbolizes calm and freshness. Also for a soothing and gentle atmosphere in your bathroom, you will favor this color that you will associate with shades of gray or mineral materials for a chic look.

Minimalist simplicity

The Scandinavian style never ceases to charm us. If you like this trend, you will associate light wood, pastel shades, clean and minimalist shapes inspired by the 70s for a very soft atmosphere, imbued with serenity.

Raw materials

Delpha If you want your bathroom to become a peaceful place to lounge, you can also opt for a family home style. With its wooden furniture, walls and mineral floors, it is reminiscent of holidays in a family home by the sea.

Natural sweetness

Lapeyre To make this room a space dedicated to relaxation and serenity, opt for the natural style. For this you will bet on a warm wood, a touch of exotic, for the furniture and the floor of the bathroom. For touches of greenery, opt for bath towels in green tones.

Soft whiteness

Porcelanosa White in the bathroom is a sure bet. But so that it remains cozy and does not turn laboratory, give relief to your walls with a graphic wallpaper. Do not hesitate to vary the shades of white and take care of the textures. And to warm up the style, install a "bushy" carpet.

Seaside spirit in the bathroom

Schmidt The softness of the seaside style is ideal in a bathroom. If you want to recreate this decor at home, you will combine beautiful shades of blue with a white freestanding bathtub and enhance it with attractive wooden floors.

Rounded shapes: the softness bonus

Porcelanosa This stripped down bathroom is not a jewel of softness. To recreate this spirit in your space, you will install in the center of the room on a pretty clear and soft parquet a bathtub all in curves and will play the card of soft colors.