The teenage bedroom seen by Maisons du Monde

The teenage bedroom seen by Maisons du Monde

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It's hard to find the inspiration to reinvent the decor for teens. But that was before discovering the new Maisons du Monde collection. A veritable proliferation of rock, rebel, urban, exotic ideas and whatever it is, trends, its 10 rooms are a game-changer. Freeze frame.

Surf, beach and coconut trees

Maisons du Monde A surfboard, paneled walls then tinted with blue, road signs warning of the risk of finding sharks in the area and a very "beach" color code based on turquoise blue, yellow sand and orange sunny: this is how to surf in the decor of teens…

Rock and girly

Maisons du Monde Miss teen wants to play it rock? No problem. Some motifs of angels and skulls in a glitter version, the 33 towers exposed on pink or even purple padded walls and "rock" inscriptions punctuating the whole. Both feminine and rebellious, like a rocker!

Rock mixed version

Maisons du Monde After the girl version, the mixed version! A clever mix of blue and taupe against the background of the letters "rock", motifs "guitars" and skulls. Is it necessary to specify the style?

Big apple

To us New York! Color code urban yellow, gray and red, headboard like buildings, metallic decor and road signs: here the industrial chic of New York lofts is booming.

Alphabet trend

Maisons du Monde Even if they don't like French, they should love the alphabet trend. Or how giant letters diverted into storage furniture, sow a trendy and unexpected graphics in their room…

Teen princess

Maisons du Monde For young girls behaving like real princesses, the decor could look like that. Silver padded effect headboard and armchair, candy pink, taupe and purple color code, mirror in the shape of star glasses and once again, angel and guitar wing patterns ... So, satisfied?

Crazy Guitar

Maisons du Monde If he plays the guitar, there is no doubt that he wants everyone to know, including his decor. From the office to the dressing room, from the mirror to the decorative paintings, the whole troupe is there!

Here the earth

Maisons du Monde If it has the scientific vein in its skin, perhaps its decor could be inspired by math or physics / chemistry. Demonstration with these galaxy-style walls and this astronomical telescope-style floor lamp!

Absolutely geek

Maisons du Monde For geeks at heart, we say yes to the "space invader" trend. Using pixelated stickers, the atmosphere is created…


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