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I use the surface under the stairs

I use the surface under the stairs

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When you have a staircase, you might as well use the surface below to save space. You will realize that your staircase has real potential! Here in 10 images, some possibilities available to you.

A creative office

Ikea Under the stairs, you can completely set up a creative workshop. To do this, place a desk under the steps and place many storage boxes to organize the accessories you need for creation.

A work desk

Ikea If you need to work at home, you can also set up this type of desk under the stairs. The important thing is to benefit from a lot of storage so as not to let the papers and other documents lying around and fly away on the first pass.

Dedicated storage

Leroy Merlin Some stores offer storage space dedicated to the space under the stairs. The set then has a triangle shape to perfectly suit this space and optimize it for storage.

A table under the stairs

Paragraph If your staircase is high enough, you can completely install a dining table under this space in a large open room. The staircase will then be used to define the space.

A cupboard under the stairs

Lapeyre If you want to store under the stairs without being visible, bet instead on a closet closed by a partition. You will then access it through a door as if it were an extra room.

A library under the stairs

Purpose The bottom of the stairs will also be a great place to create a library that will be both practical and very decorative. Feel free to add decorative items to the books.

Entrance area

Lapeyre Why not use the space under the stairs to create the entrance you don't have? Then install your coat racks in this place and also slide a chair to be able to take off your shoes.

A living space under the stairs

Leroy Merlin If you want the staircase to disappear as much as possible in order to use this space as a living space, prefer a staircase that will look more like a ladder and that will interfere less in the room.

Use the staircase wall

Ikea First of all, know that even if the bottom of your staircase cannot be used, you can place storage units against the wall of the latter. Then use cupboards for the corridor which will be narrow and will not take up space.