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Household linen takes off

Household linen takes off

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Cast off ! This season the household linen decided to take off for our greatest pleasure. Blue and white stripes, boat inks, crustaceans and ropes are featured on the duvet covers, tea towels and bath towels. Do you want to breathe sea air into your decor? Discover our selection ...

Sailor look for the plaid

3 Suisses To give a sea air to your sofa or your bed, bet on a plaid which resembles a small sailor. Choose it in light fabric to lighten the decor.

Inks on the napkins

3 Suisses What could be more representative of the marine style than the famous boat inks? On the towels, they are staged in blue and white version. We love !

A sea towel

Thomas Berkeley In the kitchen too, the seaside look takes on its full meaning with this tea towel with blue and white stripes. His little extra? A bright red lobster that enhances the decor!


Spoiler To change the traditional dark blue and white stripes, we put on a lighter turquoise blue. The decor is refreshed in the blink of an eye!

A striped tablecloth

Zara Home At lunchtime too, we aspire to a seaside decor. For that, nothing could be simpler, we opt for a blue and white tablecloth with large stripes… All that remains is to match the dishes!

Gray and white stripes

Zara Home The blue and white striped shirt is not the only one to bring the seaside touch to the decor. You can also adopt the gray and white stripes that are perfect for playing in the bathroom.

Stripes and rope

La Redoute Gray, blue, white, red stripes ... this duvet cover plays with all the colors of the marine style. We love the ropes printed on the cushions which bring that little extra touch!

Pirate atmosphere

Maisons du Monde Does your little one feel like a pirate's room? No question of missing out on bed linen! We choose it striped and decorated with a small boat ink!

Total seaside look

Maisons du Monde This room has opted for the total seaside look; gray paneling on the wall, white wooden bed, small basket and of course light blue and white striped bed linen which perfects everything.