A kitchen for budding chefs

A kitchen for budding chefs

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To play chefs, run a restaurant in your room and invite your cuddly toys to dinner, what kids lack is a mini kitchen! Several ways to adopt one based on really fun ideas.

With a dedicated stand

Ikea Love at first sight for this adorable display of fruits and vegetables where merchants tall like three apples can have fun at will. Or how to fall back into childhood in two stages, three movements.

With fluffy vegetables

Ikéa Since cooking is child's play, it is the turn of toys to lend themselves to the game by changing their form of animals to become vegetables. And hop, on the plate!

With a restaurant area

Ikéa Mini chef is in the kitchen! Taking cooking very seriously, it was in the world of restaurants that he made his playground.

With nice dishes

Ikea On her mini table, the young lady staged her most beautiful dishes. To welcome stuffed animals and friends to taste, it was necessary in his extra kitchen!

With a well laid table

Ikéa Indispensable ally of the dinette corner: the table! Because this is where we present and taste (for false) the menu. Divinely erected, dishes and meals included, it played the game to perfection.

With the same material as a chef

Ikéa A kitchen that fits their size. But with all the traditional equipment of a real kitchen! Hob, multiple storage, utensils and dishes galore: this is better than a simple dinette…

With trompe l'oeil toys

Ikea We haven't finished adopting toys in the shape of fish, meat, cake or vegetables. Because thanks to them, playing who cooks the best becomes really realistic.

With giant vegetables

Ikéa After the small vegetable toys, the XXL models! Unlike the former, they are invited to taste the cuisine of the budding chef, and not to be on his plate!

With real all-inclusive furniture

Ikéa This mini kitchen there, she's not kidding. Highly equipped low and high cupboards, false cooking hob and integrated sink: its only difference with a real kitchen is its size!


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