10 solutions to make large appliances more beautiful

10 solutions to make large appliances more beautiful

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Refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher or washing machine: you don't find any beautiful in the lot? It depends. By drawing one of the following ten tips, it's easy to integrate them beautifully into the decor.

Graphic household appliances

Suki - Decoist What if your household appliances too adopted the graphic trend that is raging in all rooms of the house? Stripes, polka dots, triangles, it's up to you to play with black and white stickers of course! Sources: Apartment Therapy & Decoist

Store it in a cupboard

BHG - Therese Knutsen Are you lucky to have a large closet that is easy to access? Put your coffee maker, microwave, toaster in it ... What if to make household appliances more beautiful it was enough to just hide it from everyone's eyes? Sources: BHG & Therese Knutsen

Animals on the fridge

Byrdiegraphics - Decaltopia To give another look to your fridge and entertain children, add animal stickers on the doors, whether white or colored. Sources: Byrdiegraphics & Decaltopia

Kitchen facades

Canalvie - House Beautiful Invisible! This option is available to you if you decide to buy all of your kitchen furniture and appliances from the same kitchen designer. Add the same facades to your boxes and your appliances, and it will blend perfectly into the decor. Sources: Canalvie & House Beautiful

Wallpaper on the fridge

Aunt Peaches - Jasna Janekovic Notice to all those who know how to put wallpaper to perfection. This coating which has fun with all the patterns, all the colors, all the atmospheres can perfectly find its place on a fridge. To your mules! Sources: Aunt Peaches & Jasna Janekovic

Opt for neutral colors

No Fat No Whip - Pinterest So that your appliance does not seem lost in the middle of the red, yellow or blue furniture that you have chosen, the idea may be to select from the start white or black facades alongside which ovens and micro stainless steel waves are perfect. Sources: No Fat No Whip & Pinterest

Smart doors

Bob Vila - DDzine It is essential that household appliances are close at hand since they are used daily. Enclosed in a closet, it can quickly prove to be difficult to access. Unless of course installing a super practical hinged door. Sources: Bob Vila & DDzine

Blackboard paint

Wall Candy Arts - The Marthy's Vintage Garden In the form of a baroque mirror-style stickers or even painted in its entirety, blackboard paint sublimates your fridge in the twinkling of an eye by bringing it a little playful touch. You will be able to leave little words there or register your shopping lists. Sources: Wall Candy Arts & The Marthy's Vintage Garden

Built in appliances

Shelterness - Homedit Finally, the last solution for your appliance to harmonize with the rest of the kitchen: built it in! In a closet, in a wall ... it is up to you to see depending on the layout of your room. Sources: Shelterness & Homedit