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Terraces for inspiration

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You can almost say that there are as many terraces as there are individuals. Some will want a space for sunbathing, while others prefer a garden furniture or a table for meals. To help you find the formula that suits you, we open the doors of several decorative terraces.

A romantic terrace

If for you the terrace should be simple enough to form a romantic inspiration with the garden, we can opt for a gravel covering that evokes castles and we will use white wrought iron furniture.

A living room terrace

The garden has become a real living space. Also, you can use your terrace as your living room! For this, a garden sofa, its armchairs and a coffee table will set the scene.

A green terrace

Why not consider the terrace as a plant work? Here, a sculpture covered with plants and mirrors give a new dimension to this terrace when you sit in an armchair.

An illuminated terrace

To give another vision of the terrace, you can play with the lighting. For this, put on projectors in the plants and border your low walls in order to dramatize the garden in the blink of an eye.

A terrace for friends

If what is important to you is to be able to receive your friends on the terrace, have a large number of garden chairs that will allow you to gather for long discussions outside.

A tree-lined terrace

To give a pleasant atmosphere to this terrace, we surround it with vegetation with trees and bushes which provide privacy in this space dedicated to relaxation.

A terrace for meals

At the edge of this swimming pool, the terrace is dedicated to large meals with friends or family! We then place a large table to accommodate everyone and we opt for an arbor to provide some shade during the day.

A dining terrace

This terrace is thought of as an extension of the house and finds its place in the organization of the house as a dining room with a kitchen part materialized by the barbecue.

A terrace to escape

To give a holiday air to its terrace, install a few plants to decorate by the pool and a braided sunbath with a soft cushion.

A terrace to relax

Here, no armchair or garden sofa, only deckchairs surround the small living room table. You can imagine relaxing there after a hard day's work.

An exotic terrace

Blow an exotic breeze on the terrace with seats that seem straight out of the Caribbean. You can also add a hammock in fringed fabric to complete the decor.

A country house terrace

To bring a country house atmosphere to your terrace, start by laying tiling with red reflections on the floor, then install an authentic and charming wooden and metal dining table.

A covered terrace

When it rains but you still want to spend time in the garden, the covered terrace becomes the ideal ally. In addition, we don't worry about the bad weather when friends are invited to dinner.

A terrace in the grass

Why not set up your reception area in the middle of the lawn? With a small table made on a tree trunk and a few wrought iron chairs, the atmosphere is romantic and natural.

A contemporary terrace

To be in the trend, choose a garden furniture in black braided resin to bring a little dose of chic to your terrace. Also think of the green plants that warm the atmosphere.

A terrace for entertaining

If you are used to receiving a lot of people, adapt your reception location to the number of guests. A large corner sofa accompanied by two designer poufs creates a real convivial space.

A protected terrace

To avoid vis-à-vis with the neighbors, put a canisse which, in addition to hiding, creates a very natural decor.

A designer terrace

We love the contemporary style that emerges from this very simple terrace. Wood covering, black table, designer chairs, the decor is neat and sober.