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Doors for all styles

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Modern, classic, white, colorful, our selection of doors to inspire you!


Lapeyre Porte Bangor. A PVC door that combines thermal comfort and design thanks to the three screen-printed horizontal bands. 15 year warranty. Dimensions 215 x 90 cm and made to measure. Price: 899 euros.


Lapeyre Porte Calgary. Oak door with high thermal insulation. Horizontal aluminum inserts for a contemporary look. 15 year warranty. Dimensions: 215 x 90 cm. Available in four standard and custom sizes. Price: 1799 euros.


Lapeyre Porte Chester. A glass fiber door combining quality of thermal insulation and impact resistance. Dimensions: 215 x 90 cm and made to measure. 15 year warranty. Price: 1599 euros.


Lapeyre wears Kumia. An aluminum door incorporating three skylights. The exterior is available in six finishes. Dimensions: 215 x 90 cm. Price: 849 euros.


Lapeyre Porte Etel. A PVC door with an original and contemporary aesthetic. The half-moon glazing lets in light. 15 year warranty. Available in 4 standard and custom sizes. Price: 1099 euros.

Castorama Valeriane

Castorama Porte Valériane. Tauari wooden door from Brazil displaying a porthole for a seaside look! Dimensions: 215 x 90 cm. Price: 990 euros.

CASTORAMA PVC straight halfpipe

Castorama PVC door 1/2 moon. A door with classic and traditional design. Dimensions: 215 x 90 cm. Price: 299 euros.


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