20 homemade gifts to give to the instit

20 homemade gifts to give to the instit

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That's it, it's the end of the year! Soon the holidays, the sand blocks and the sunburns. But before, there are the last days of class, the school party, and the farewell to the teacher or the teacher. And as a gift made with little hands is always a pleasure, has unearthed for you 20 DIY ideas to offer to the teacher!

Nice box for nice master (s)

At Zü, there is a small box to download, to assemble yourself and to decorate. All that's left is to fill the box with candies and cupcakes and voila! Source:

Flower pencil for holidays

The Sweetest Occasion

So that the teacher prepares his back-to-school lessons - or that he / she writes postcards! -, here is a very nice pencil turned flower thanks to a little crepe paper. Source:

Apple pencil

Made to be a Momma

A little felt, a little glue ... And that's enough to customize pencils while having fun! Source:

Super master / Super mistress!

Impress us

Because they are great all year round, the masters and mistresses deserve their title of "super master" and "super mistress"! With this free printable, we make small boxes and a bookmark ourselves… Source:

DIY glasses case

Gray Luster Girl

For masters / mistresses / nannies / ATSEM who have glasses, why not try to make them a glasses case? Source:

Apple box

Oh happy day

Another nice little candy box to download. This time, it's a pretty apple proposed by the Oh Happy Day blog. Source:

DIY spiral notebooks

Towards the essential

A nice spiral notebook for taking notes? The kind of gift that always pleases! You can even customize the cover with a drawing of your child! Source:

Good holidays !


A small card is always a pleasure! Especially with a sweet note from your child! With this free downloadable card from Myzotte you will have fun! Source:

DIY colored pencils

Modern parents Messy kids

Your children will love helping you paint these colored pencils! Accompanied by a little word "Help me put colors in the world!", These pencils are sure to make the master / mistress crack! Source:

Pots and slate paint

One Hundred Dollars a Month

Very simple to do with old pots and a little slate paint, custom storage for school supplies. To paint the "labels" according to the shape you want, define the outline with tape. Source: One Hundred Dollars a Month

Original bag

Say yes

A pretty and original idea, customize a school notebook bag, with textile felts or by simply sewing the lines. Source: Say yes

Blackboard tote bag

A Night Owl

Another nice bag idea, the tote bag transformed into a blackboard with textile paint. More info here: A Night Owl

Chewable gift

We and the minibouts

Offering cakes is good, offering a recipe is better! Instructions: take a pretty jar, superimpose the different ingredients necessary for cookies, write the stages of production on a pretty label that you will hang on the jar, close! And here it is, a beautiful, good and original gift. Source: We and the minibouts


Randomly from the Bazaar

Plants are a classic end-of-year gift. And to personalize them, here is a very simple DIY: cut a small cardboard cloud where we write the name of the mistress, and then tape it on a straw to plant in the pot. Source: Random from the bazaar

Personalized message


A great classic that still works, the pot painted with slate paint, with this adorable message, "Thank you for helping me grow". Source: Ciloubidouille

Colorful flowerpot

Put away your toys

Another DIY to personalize a plant, a funny pot holder customized by sticking colored pencils of different sizes. Source: Put away your toys

Paper flowers


Tired of plants? Offer paper flowers "planted" on pencils, for an original bouquet to place on the mistress' desk. Source: JaMonkey

Holiday notebook

The Pop Case

It is not only the little ones who are entitled to their vacation notebook! The idea: print different personalized games and link them in a nice notebook. Source: The Pop Case

Wall decoration

Craft Unleashed

A very original DIY, making a wall crown with pieces of wood transformed into school rules. Source: Crafts Unleashed


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