Which curtain heads to choose?

Which curtain heads to choose?

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Heytens flat stitch pleats

Heytens Flat stitched pleats. A finish intended for net curtains for an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Heytens gathered ribbons

Heytens Gathered folds. The curtain can be placed higher or lower depending on the height at which the hooks are placed and whether you want to see the rings on the bar or not. The gathered pleats are intended for veils and fabrics with or without lining.

Heytens pointed legs

Heytens Pointed legs. Original and contemporary legs. The color of the legs may be different from that of the curtains. The ripple is regular and the fall straight. Choose only for fabrics.

Heytens eyelets

Heytens Carnations. The most frequent finish because practical and contemporary. For fabrics and sails with or without lining.

Heytens nouettes

Heytens Nouettes. The style of knots is to be chosen upstream. Tie knot, single loop, double loop, let your imagination run wild… For fabrics and veils, with or without lining.

Heytens ruflette wave

Heytens Ruflette wave. The bar is completely hidden by the curtain whose fall is straight and wavy. This curtain head does not need accessories. Choose for fabrics or veils, with or without lining.